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Fearless Protagonist

Put College to Work: This new book will eliminate every fear about your future career


Once upon a time, as all great stories go, there was a fearless young student who wanted nothing more but to go to college and pursue her dreams. (What those specific dreams were she was still figuring out, but don’t mind that.)

YOU, of course, are already familiar with this plotline, as the protagonist of your own story.

She worked hard to get into her Dream School (that one in capital letters because it holds the key to her future), and she kept it up; she got the grades, played intramural sports, joined a club or two, made some new friends, and it was great compared to high school.

She liked her major well enough, and did all her requirements. She had some idea for what she wanted to do once she graduated, but that would fall into place after college.

Four years of studying and this degree has got to lead her to the perfect job, right?

RIGHT?!? Please tell me this will pay off.

When she faltered in her convictions—the major that she picked, the possibility of getting a long-lasting career, the chance that she might not even be happy in said career, the fact that she couldn’t even get a minimum wage job now—she felt defeated.

The early quarter-life crisis was hitting her: It was all over.

She thought she had found her fatal flaw like all the characters on the losing side of her favorite books had to have, like the weak underbelly of Smaug in The Hobbit, or Voldemort’s connection to Harry Potter through the scar.

When you start asking if you even chose the right path to begin with, it gets even harder to backtrack and find the answer to stop the despair.

But luckily she had much more resilience than those two villains because she didn’t let that one weakness stop her.

Instead… Her SECRET WEAPON was suddenly revealed!

And of course it was a book.

Books were always her source of inspiration, or her own private escape, and now this one was both.

Oh! And it was called Put College to Work by Kat Clowes.

This book held the tricks and secrets that would inspire her education and her career and lead her to her Dream Job, as she escaped from unemployment.

This book showed her how to Put College to Work, quite literally. 

That’s what it’s called, and that’s what it does. It gave her a push toward thosereal world facts that she hadn’t wanted to consider before, and it led her to think more critically and decisively about her goals, her strengths, her skills, and the resources her university had to offer her (most of which she had never even heard of).

It had answers to all of the questions that no one had known how to answer before—not her parents who went to college 30 years ago, not her counselor who didn’t really have time to help her explore all her interests, not her friends who just wanted to hang out and chill.

This was advice from a professional whose job was helping students make the most out of college and find the right direction for their career.

Someone who has realized that college doesn’t guarantee a job anymore and that everyone is fighting for the best resume.

After reading this secret-weapon-book and asking the scary questions that college kids didn’t want to consider yet, she got to thinking about what she wanted to do with her life, and she found answers that she didn’t know were in her.

She had had the answers all along! And all she needed to bring them out was this book: Put College to Work.

In the end, she learned even more about herself and what she could do to take advantage of her college’s resources to build a career that would make her happy and successful.

Instead of suffering from the struggle, she targeted her flaws, shot an arrow through Smaug’s weak spot, and eliminated Voldemort’s last horcrux!

She was the hero—not the defeated villain—who could realize her fatal flaw and change her fate!

What she thought was her downfall was really the key to her secret weapon that took her to an even better part of her story!

(If you still don’t think books are helpful or practical, I really can’t convince you, can I?)

But if you believe in the magic of books, and want to make the most out of your college experience, preorder Kat Clowes’ book, Put College to Work, for only $18.95 directly from the publisher or from Amazon.

BEFORE you’re contaminated with senioritis, and before you panic as you send out fifty job applications at a time, read a book that will change your current course of action.

Find out what you can do NOW, because there is no time quite like the present, and really, there’s not a whole lot of time at all before you find yourself on the job hunt!

Be your own hero and take charge of your future!

Just move your mouse riiiiiiiight here.

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