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Fearless Protagonist

Meet the Authors

The Headmaster

I’m Kat Clowes from March Consulting. It’s my job to help you realize your potential by showing you how to fail, and how to fight. I’ll tell you my story and the stories of those that have inspired me, and hopefully I’ll give you some helpful hints along the way. I’m an educated woman with too many degrees because it took me a while to find my true calling. I’m a wife and a mother. I’m an experienced failure as well as an experienced victor. I’m a career consultant. And right now, I’m your best friend.

The Writers

My name is Julia Clausen, and I’m in the trenches with you right now. I’m a junior in college at UC Irvine, studying English and Creative Writing, and I’m freaking out just as much as you are. However, I have the benefit of being obsessed with books, so I read them all the time and glean their wisdom. If I’m doing my job correctly, it’s not me you’ll be hearing, but the infinite number of life lessons to be found within the pages of quality literature.

Live from UC Irvine, my name is Nicole Block. My major is Literary Journalism, which sounds pretty fancy, but it means that I’m focusing on the writing medium of reporting. Despite the appeal of cold, hard facts in journalism, literature inspires me and offers all the best (and worst) of humanity. Almost forgot! I’m minoring in Art History; that’s got some of the best of humanity too. My focus in the humanities is all about studying, you guessed it, humans, and from their stories I’ve learned a lot and can help you too!

The Publicist

Hey there! I’m Victoria Bruick, a self-declared Pinterest-addict, literature enthusiast, and lemonade connoisseur.

So take this journey with us through the fiction of the past, and we’ll see if we can’t get you headed down the path toward your happily ever after.